INFANT-Guardian® is a breakthrough technology that finally addresses the human errors and mis-interpretation of fetal heart rate monitoring that has been identified in numerous maternity reviews and Confidential Enquiries over the past twenty years. INFANT-Guardian® brings expert Consultant oversight to every maternity bedside, every minute of the day and night, supporting clinicians to reduce the risk of poor outcomes and directly saving Hospitals considerable sums every year in litigation costs.  INFANT-Guardian® complies with the requirements of the NHS 'Saving Babies' Lives - A Care Bundle for Reducing Stillbirth'.

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K2MS INFANT-GuardianBarely a week passes without the press highlighting tragic statistics related to poor birth outcomes.  The below are just a handful of articles published in the last two months alone!  INFANT-Guardian® has the potential to change the headlines and radically transform maternity care.

The Times NHS culture must change to prevent deaths of babies
The Times Medical negligence payouts ‘unaffordable’
BBC News Reducing baby deaths and brain injuries during childbirth
The Times Newborn baby died after hospital monitored wrong heart rate
The Times Review exposes maternity hospital failures
The Times Midwives’ lack of heart monitor training ‘risks more baby deaths’
The Times Midwives are making 1,400 errors a week
BBC News Parents' anger at baby deaths NHS trust
Guardian Jeremy Hunt orders investigation into baby deaths at NHS trust

1. The Birthplace National Prospective Cohort Study: Perinatal and Maternal Outcomes by Planned Place of Birth. 2. The INFANT® Study