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What is INFANT-Guardian®?

INFANT-Guardian® is the next generation of the Guardian™ software, a bedside Electronic Patient Record allowing clinicians to capture the full patient information during childbirth contemporaneously and at the point of care, and now including the INFANT®, INtelligent Fetal AssessmeNT, algorithm to interpret the fetal heart rate recording during labour and delivery.

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INFANT-Guardian® is an intelligent system that offers a comprehensive Risk Reduction Technology for Labour and Delivery by ensuring the capture of quality data and by bringing hospital and national guidelines, and care bundles, to the very point of care to support clinicians in best practice, to reduce errors, and reduce poor birth outcomes.

Improving Communication

INFANT-Guardian® replaces all paper notes within the delivery room. All clinical information is captured at the bedside, electronically. This information is then communicated over the hospital network where it can be viewed at Central Stations, Doctors’ offices, Consultant’s home if on call or, indeed, can be viewed anywhere, anytime on tablet or smartphone via the internet by any authorised personnel. This improved communication model, of Many-for-One, ensures that individual clinicians working at the point of care are fully supported by senior staff allowing greater oversight and vigilance.

INFANT Guardian

Monitoring Capabilities

INFANT-Guardian® is far more than just a monitoring system and is used for all women, both high risk and low risk labours, and, where continuous monitoring is required, INFANT-Guardian® will automatically capture the CTG from any manufacturer’s fetal heart rate recorder. Auscultation information for low risk pregnancies is also captured at the point of care.

INFANT Guardian


INFANT-Guardian® captures the full electronic partogram, contemporaneously and at the point of care. K2 have taken great pride in working closely with clinicians to develop a system that has been designed to be user-tempting and user rewarding and, as such, the layout of the partogram is fully customisable and can easily be presented in a way that clinicians find familiar. All details are captured, such as the results of examinations, auscultation, anaesthesia and analgesia, drugs and fluids, maternal observations, contractions and administration of oxytocin.

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Maternal observations are automatically calculated as a MOEWS score and charted to facilitate the early warning of potential problems.

INFANT Guardian

Forward Planning for Each Woman

A care planning tool is now incorporated which contains all the care bundles related to labour and delivery. The relevant care bundles become automatically activated according to the data captured and the risk factors present.

INFANT Guardian

Facilitating Teamwork and Learning

INFANT-Guardian®’s user interface is highly graphical and pictorial and has been designed to reinforce educational concepts, promote learning and best practice. CTG guidelines and safety strategies such as ‘Fresh Eyes’ are embedded in line with hospital and national clinical guidelines. It is a technology specifically designed to facilitate clinical team-working and provides the means for effective staff shift handovers, ensuring that all information is properly relayed and nothing is missed or overlooked.

INFANT Guardian

Mitigating Risk – The SaFERR Births Board

INFANT-Guardian® incorporates an intelligent electronic Chalkboard which is called the SaFERR Births Board. This stands for Situation and Features, Evaluation, Risks and Requirements, and presents a dynamic real-time update of care for all women on Labour Ward. All information presented on the SaFERR Births Board has been automatically transmitted directly from each of the bedside clinical notes. It also presents the specific patient risks and future care planning information. The SaFERR Births Board represents a major risk reduction technology.

INFANT Guardian

INFANT-Guardian® - Proven to Cut Poorest Outcomes by Half

Delivering a major breakthrough in fetal monitoring, INFANT-Guardian® contains the ground-breaking INFANT® algorithm – a computer interpretation of the cardiotocogram during labour designed to reduce stillbirths, reduce human errors and reduce poor outcomes.

INFANT Guardian

Proven to Work at the Same Level as Human Experts in CTG Interpretation

By analysing the same features that an expert in CTG interpretation would do, Baseline, Variability, Accelerations and Decelerations (type and timing, depth, duration and area), Contractions (location and frequency, and whether they are pushing) Sinusoidal and Bimodal patterns, INFANT® is able to build a picture of what the fetal heart rate trace shows. Each feature detected adds to a ‘belief’ of what classification has been reached and, as more data is collected, this highly dynamic algorithm is able to start drawing conclusions as to fetal wellbeing. It shows its findings in a concern ladder with, if necessary, audible alerts to highlight serious concern. And, as part of the Guardian™ system, this CTG analysis and level of concern, is communicated around the hospital network to ensure senior staff oversight in order to support clinicians and inform decision making.

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INFANT Guardian